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Dock Lift

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Detailed description


Our Dock Lift is used for loading the cargos into trucks or containers. Normally when the truck arrives at the loading area, you have to load the cargos by labors one by one. However if you use our Dock lift, you can just put the cargo on platform of this dock lift and when it rises up to the suitable level it will be easier to load the cargos inside the truck. Normally it can used in warehouse, factory, loading yard, container yard, workshop, storage area and so on. You can save lots of labors and time. It is the efficient equipment for your choices. 

Product feature

1.It can be installed into pit, also it can be with wheels and no need use pit for installation.

2.You can use the remote control to control the lift up and down.

3.Voltage can be 220V/380V/400V or battery driven is available.

4.load capacity can be from 500kg upto 10tons and it has stable scissor structure.

Safety device:

1.Sensitive overload protection device and locking device for falling down

2.Explosion –proof valve: prevent the hydro oil pipe from cracking.

3.Overflow valve: it will prevent the pressure too high when the machine rises up.

4.Emergency decline valve: it can let the machine falls down when power is off.

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